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Having a skilled advocate by your side when you need effective legal representation can make the difference in achieving the results that you seek. The Mehra Law Group, P.C., can provide you with the legal expertise and courtroom savvy that comes from years of experience effectively advocating on behalf of clients’ interests. Our firm's primary goal is to help you obtain the most favorable possible outcome in your legal matter. Mehra Law Group's core values are in accuracy, efficiency, and dependability. We firmly believe that every client deserves skilled representation by knowledgeable legal counsel. That advocacy has to be accurate and cover all the possible legal issues and procedural aspects of a case – even those that may arise unexpectedly. Additionally, we believe that our service must be efficient and maximize the client’s financial resources and time spent. Finally, we believe that representation must be dependable because a case may take unexpected turns, and we are able to respond to a client’s changing needs.


Real Estate

We can help you in negotiating and executing sales contracts as well as represent you in landlord/tenant disputes. If you are a homeowner who is behind in your mortgage payments, we can help you avoid foreclosure or ensure that your rights are protected during the foreclosure process.

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If you are a consumer needing bankruptcy protection, we will analyze your situation and help you make the right decision whether to file for bankruptcy and, if so, under what chapter. We will help you complete the filing documents properly so that you can focus on getting your financial "house" in order.

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Matrimonial law

Divorce is deceptively complex, and it is easy for parties who choose to represent themselves to end up in an unfortunate financial situation after the divorce is finalized because they did not have a skilled advocate on their side. We can help ensure your divorce is completed in a timely manner and that you are treated fairly by the court and other parties.

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Tax Matters

Politicians and the common citizen agree that the current U.S. tax code is cumbersome and confusing. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be changing any time soon. What is worse, failing to comply with federal tax codes can result in the imposition of significant penalties, including periods of incarceration. A skilled tax law attorney can help you meet your obligations and advise you on how best to protect your hard-earned assets and resources.

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New York City's Mansion Tax

There is a 1% tax on the sale of homes that cost $1 million or higher. This tax is normally paid by the buyer within 15 days of closing. In practice, this means if you purchase a condominium for $2 million, you will owe a tax of $25,000, payable t

Investing in a New York City Condominium

There are few lower risk propositions than buying property in New York City; it is an investment that will almost certainly go up in value in the future. Once you decide this is what you want to invest in, the question becomes how much you should


I have received impeccable service from Mehra Law Group. Great communication, excellent customer service and a level of integrity which is second to none. We really trust the team and highly recommend their services to others.
I was totally impressed with his professional manner of handling my case. He exhibited the self-confidence a client looks for. I highly recommend him.

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Raja Karan Mehra


Raja Karan Mehra is an attorney admitted to practice law in New York and is the President of the Mehra Law Group, P.C.

Ayesha Ghani


Ayesha Ghani graduated with masters in business administration. Being a law enthusiast she joined Mehra Law Group in 2015 and has been an important part of the team ever since.